Tips To Ensure That Your Package Is Delivered And Secure

Our world is built on deliveries.  Everyone at some point has ordered something from a catalog or an online service.  These services will send off our package to a carrier service that will deliver it to your home or office.  Scheduled delivery pennsylvania services are the best because you know when the package will arrive and can be present to receive it. Oftentimes though, the package is just plopped on a doorstep which can be tempting to thieves that make a business out of watching for such opportunities.  Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to ensure you get what you ordered.


Cameras are everywhere.  Years ago we lived in a world where we could keep our doors unlocked and windows opened.  Today it is the total opposite.  This is why installing cameras at our homes and offices is a good idea.  These cameras can start recording when they sense motion and send the video to our phones so we can see if our packages are delivered.

Signature Required

When expecting a package have the sender require a signature at drop off.  This will ensure that someone over the age of eighteen is home and that a name is associated with the delivery. 

Learn the delivery route

When receiving packages on a regular basis you will quickly determine the time of day when deliveries are made in your area.  If you don’t get a lot of packages the odds are that someone else will.  Keep an eye out to see when you see or hear trucks or call the carrier service and ask them when their drivers are typically in the area.

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Pay for insurance

Typically your packages are insured through the carrier service and from the company.  However, read the fine print to ensure that they cover lost or stolen items.  If the item is expensive such as a television or a computer put extra insurance on it.

Note your order

Finally, note your order.  Many services will notify you when your package is being shipped.  You can note the order after it is shipped or at the time of purchase.  Put specific instructions in the notes for your carrier to follow.  If these notes are not followed then you have extra recourse in case something happens.