Creating The Perfect Flower Arrangement For All Occasions

Flowers just send a wave of happiness through people when they are seen.  It could be that flowers are a symbol of life and rejuvenation or for some it could be a symbol of a memory from their past or hope for a better future.  When doing orchids and roses arrangements, tulips and daises or whatever type of flower combinations that appeal to you, taking your time to make the perfect arrangement will result in the joy of other people.

The Vessel

When doing a flower arrangement deciding on the perfect vessel will start your process.  Some of these can be a glass or plastic vase, a wicker basket or a wrapped paper bouquet.  Deciding on a specific vessel for the flowers will allow the receiver to have something tangible to remember the gesture in the future and have somewhere to place new flowers.

Visual appeal

The visual appeal of an arrangement needs to be considered next.  When looking at flowers our eyes are drawn into the center.  For this reason, you might want to pick a different flower, a special color or select the most beautiful flower out of your crop. 

Future needs

orchids and roses arrangements

When doing an arrangement think of the future needs of the flowers you choose.  For example, you want to have flower that compliment themselves.  They will want to have the same lifespan as their companions, need the same amount of water, sunlight and heat.  When doing an arrangement having one set of flowers die off before the companion flowers will leave the entire arrangement looking sparse over time.

Meaning behind the arrangements

Creating arrangements around specific meanings will help those looking for flowers an easy guide to follow when purchasing.  However, just knowing the personal likes, dislikes and intention behind giving the arrangement in the first place will help in creating the perfect flower arrangement.